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Ha’Tzofim Australia are coming to the small Israeli communities across Australia and New Zealand!

As part of our Ksharim program, we're teaming up with the community to organize activities for the kids and youth focusing on Hebrew, connection to Israel, Jewish identity, and leadership development, all while incorporating community events for the whole family.


These activities are led by Tzofim leaders (Madrichim). We're coming to your communities to create a sense of togetherness, celebrating our Israeli identity and culture. We're all one big Israeli-Jewish community!

Each community has its tailored program that extends throughout the school year, including 3-4 meetings, nature outings, sleepovers, joint holiday celebrations, and getting to know Israeli families and friends. The activities are in Hebrew, but are well adapted to those who don’t speak Hebrew fluently. We learn together. 

We've already been to Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and more.

Interested in having Ksharim in your community?

 Get in touch at _____.

*The program relies on volunteers from the community for coordination and assistance in distribution and organization. We're happy to help with community mapping and scheduling in advance.

Among the community activities
Kabbalat Shabbat
Family Picnic and Kids' Activities outdoor
Holiday Celebrations and Special Days
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